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Notable Commentary

"There can be interesting bumps and glitches along the way, as illustrated by these three recent stories [of medical technology]." -- Paul Hsieh, in "Pagers, AI, and Google: 3 Tales of Technology and Medicine" at Forbes.

"Either [Jason N.] Blum is not facing up to the reality that even 'worthy' speech is in danger of being shut down on campuses today, or else his failure to differentiate [Charles] Murray and [Heather] MacDonald from Milo Yiannopoulos and the other presumed unworthies mentioned at the outset of his article signals that his conception of 'worthy speech' is a narrow one indeed." -- Darryl Wright (link added), in "Letter: What Speech Is Really 'Worthy'?" at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

" if you can learn to see criticism as an expression of the same standard of value that makes admiration possible, you are far more likely to remain objective." -- Ashley Karen Roy, in "Markets vs. Fan Clubs" at Medium (May 19).

"The costs imposed by spam arise from its substantial interference with the commercial operations of ISPs and businesses -- a classic nuisance-type injury." - Adam Mossoff, in "Spam - Oy, What a Nuisance!" (2004, PDF, 42 pages) in Berkley Technology Law Journal, Vol. 19, No. 2.

From the Blogs

Dianne Durante, discussing the recent controversy about sculptures of Civil War figures, notes a double standard and a solution within one paragraph:
Image courtesy of Unsplash.
When I drive up Norfolk Street toward East Houston in New York City, a statue of Vladimir Lenin looms over me. During his lifetime, Lenin was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. I detest him as I detest all mass murderers. But he's standing on the rooftop of a privately owned building, and the owner has a right to display anything from Lenin to pink flamingoes on his property. There are days when I can laugh at this sculpture: Lenin looks like he's impotently trying to hail a taxi from a fourth-floor walk-up. On days when I'm thinking more of Lenin the man than of Lenin the sculpture, I reach Houston Street by a different route.
Durante's comments about actual heroes from the past making errors are perhaps even more needed in a cultural sense than the suggestion that the government should divest itself of such property.

-- CAV

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