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Intimations of My Philosophy Book

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Sorry, but in that second one, I'd transcribed the first line incorrectly, so I deleted that post, and here it is corrected: 

So -oo1.JPG

This is my main home library. I shot the photo from the adjoining glassed-in terrace, which is why the photo also shows an overlay image of the outdoors I see from my desk.

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The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies is planning to publish this paper of mine next year. The paper is 63 journal pages. I’ve shown its subsections on the wall back there. No walls suffered graffiti in the production of this notice. This photo reflects only what I looked like 22 years ago.

This is the most extensive study ever made comparing these two philosophies in their contrasting foundational approaches. Leads to my own philosophy in my book in progress are found in this paper in its alignments with Rand against Descartes, in its amplifications of those oppositions, and in the charges I bring against Rand and Descartes in common. (No, not the usual, ignorant charges brought against them in common.)

This kind of sustained examination of individual philosophers such as Descartes will not be feasible to include in my book. There, the parts of Rand I adopt and extend, the parts I reject and replace, and my own systematic, integrated replacement philosophy is the main work. The pertinent ideas from the history of philosophy to our contemporaries will be noticed and addressed, however, all along the way.


By the way, I do indeed intend to complete the installments here at Objectivism Online on Leonard Peikoff’s dissertation and its subsequent tributaries into Objectivist writings. It has continued slowly this year because his topics are also among mine in my book, and as I study the pertinent contemporary literature in these areas, I give priority to their assimilation into my book. I hope their assimilation into the concluding portions of my Peikoff series can be concluded this year.

FF 2019.jpeg

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