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The Domino Effect—Real Life

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As I scrolled through Digg's Long Reads this morning, I discovered this assessment of how the inter-connectivity of the internet with other technologies compared with:

After a bad day at work, you return home to find a turnip, some lettuce, and a desultory chicken breast. That problem was the basic premise of the British cooking show Ready Steady Cook: Members of the public would throw together bags of groceries for a few pounds, and chefs would then make a serviceable meal out of these ingredients. This premise lasted 16 years and 1,895 episodes. Beyond their knife skills, what the chefs on Ready Steady Cook really offer is improvisational intelligence: the ability to come up with solutions to new problems on the spot.

I found the title of this Torontonian highly caffeinated inspired article on several different levels. One of these levels is of the domino effect featured in several movies, such as Pixtar's Robots, and Warner Bros' Collateral Beauty. Then there's the tie-in to pizza, cascading quickly from Pizza Hut to the Domino chain.

On yet a different level, is this excerpt featured as an excerpt in and from the article here:

These interfaces appropriate both experience and effort, repurposing unseen human labor as machine magic. No one is working for you, only empowering you to make your own decisions  [Bold mine.]

The Domino Effect is by-lined as How machine logic infects our tastes. I'm not so sure that infects is the best verb to utilize as such, especially if you consider the machine as the frozen form of a living intelligence. (paraphrased from Galt's Speech.)


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