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Reblogged:Children Starve. Gray Lady Yawns.

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Robert Bradley of Master Resource sums up his look at coverage of child starvation, the latest socialist atrocity in Venezuela, by the New York Times:

Image of tapeworm from Wikipedia. To see some real parasites, head on over to the Daily Mail, but know that their incredible larceny is only insult added to the injury caused by socialism.
One would expect a great newspaper to connect the simple dots to vilify socialism/Marxism and praise its opposite. If not in this essay, then in an editorial.

Nationalization. Price controls. Shortages. Forced allocation. Currency inflation. Seizure. Punishment. Mass shortages. Hyperinflation ... . All to stamp out private property and profit/loss.

It always seems to end this way, with worsening conditions leading to more, not less, government.

Enter Ludwig von Mises and his description of the socialism/Marxism's "planned chaos." How about Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, where a once rich country (the US) spirals into poverty and chaos via interventionism turning into authoritarianism.

A very teachable moment is at the Times fingertips. [italics in original]
Indeed it is. And we should all wonder why these bloodhounds aren't all over it. Be it because of editorial considerations or generosity to a fault -- or because such occurrences are so numerous as to overwhelm -- Bradley doesn't mention that paper's near-celebratory recent coverage of the Communist centenary. But if he did, perhaps that question would answer itself.

-- CAV

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