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Although I am no longer active on this forum, I was recently sent a moderation request.   I decided to post this brief introduction to my involvement with the site in case it is of interest to some of the current users.

I created Objectivism Online in February 2003.  The original vision was much more ambitious but has gradually narrowed in scope and various social media platforms have superseded some of the original features.

The initial membership came largely from connections I made at the 2003 Objectivist Summer Conference.

For a number of years, this site was the primary online community for students of Objectivism on the Internet.  

I have not been active on the site for over 10 years, but it has continued thanks to a succession of administrators:

RationalEgoistSG - he helped complete the original vision for the site in 2003.

AshRyan - he organized live events and supported the forum through the rapid growth phase in 2005.

softwareNerd - he has been the de-facto leader of this forum since 2006.

JASKN - has been running the site since softwareNerd retired in (2015?)

I'll close with some other sites that I run on the server which hosts this forum:

WalletRecovery.info,  my Bitcoin Wallet Recovery business

Vellum Capital , a cryptocurrency hedge fund (in which I am a partner)

The Free Capitalist Network, a WordPress blog network with a few dozen (free) blogs.

RationalMind.net , my own blog, which was active from 2001-2013, until I co-founded Liberty.me , and set up my blog there.

In addition to these projects, I am the Director of Marketing and Technology for the Foundation for Economic Education, a free market think tank founded in 1946.
As I'm not currently active on the forum, if you want to contact me, you can find me on Facebook.

Let me end with a plug for The Objective Standard (I've been helping Craig run the site), and the TOS-Con 2018 conference, where I will be presenting content from my forthcoming book on personal finance.  It's in Richmond, VA August 16–19 2018.

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