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Intro to Objectivist Epistemology

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1 hour ago, KyaryPamyu said:

How We Know by Harry Binswanger (Table of contents).

OPAR for a very condensed presentation.

That's just Harry, not canon Objectivism.  He is pretty good (with a few exceptions).   

The rest of Objectivist Epistemology doesn't exist because Rand did not make a habit of writing textbooks.  But Rand relied on logic from Aristotle and his Aristotelian followers so include that.  She regarded work on perception as nonessential because of the stolen concept fallacy involved in questioning the essential soundness of the senses which must appeal to the evidence of the senses to establish if a problem exists.

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12 hours ago, Skylark1 said:

I've read the book a couple of times. So where is the rest of Objectivist epistemology? 

Rand only wrote an introduction to epistemology (and no more than a few statements on metaphysics).

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