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Four Things

1. Lately, my four-year-old son has gotten it into his head that the least bit of wind will rip away anything light and, I guess, lose it forever. He gets worried any time I wear a scarf when I am around him, and will urge me to hold on to it. One day, I had it draped over my neck when I was taking him home from pre-k and there was some wind. In a near-panic, he grabbed both ends so it wouldn't go away. I had to just hobble to the car since my hands were full and there's no talking him out of things like this in one shot at his age.

So now, when I might want a scarf, but will have him with me, I factor in doing without for convenience vs. using it so I can gradually show him the wind isn't always a big deal.

2. I always knew that the Navajo Indians were not the only code talkers employed by American forces, but I was under the impression that they were the first. Actually, the first code talkers were Choctaw Indians, and they fought during World War I:
Choctaw Code Talkers (Image via Wikipedia)
Unfortunately, there was little mention of the Choctaw Code Talkers after W W I mainly because the men did not discuss their roles during war. Both the term, and the Choctaw association to the term died out. It resurfaced again during World War II, when Navajo speakers were recruited especially by the Marines to serve in their standard communications units located in the Pacific.
The exact way the Choctaw started out code-talking is lost to time, but it appears to have started when someone overheard two men conversing in the language in a barracks.

3. I hate snow, and vastly prefer to enjoy winter from afar. With that out of the way, I loved these winter photos from north of the Arctic circle.

4. Here are the strangest roadside attractions in each state I have called home:
  • Mississippi -- The Devil's Junction/Birthplace of the Blues,
  • Texas -- The Cadillac Ranch,
  • Rhode Island -- Green Animals Topiary Garden,
  • Florida -- World's Smallest Police Station,
  • Connecticut -- Frog Bridge,
  • Virginia -- The Great Stalacpipe Organ,
  • California -- Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch,
  • Massachusetts -- The Museum of Bad Art,
  • Missouri -- Jesse James Home Museum, and
  • Maryland -- National Museum of Civil War Medicine
To find one from a state not listed, go here.

The states are in order of when I first resided in each. Of these, I have lived in only one, Texas, more than once, and I wouldn't mind living there again. I have split my life roughly in thirds so far among Mississippi (where I was born, but which lacks opportunity), Texas (which I would pick, but which lacks my wife), and the rest. Of the others, five were due to Navy moves and three to be with my wife.

-- CAV

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