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How Have You Used Rand's Writings As Self Help?

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I find "A is A" helpful as a way of reminding myself to always accept reality, even if it's unpleasant. It helps me get past the feeling of "I wish things weren't this way" and focus on dealing with whatever problem I'm currently having.

Good thread, it should be interesting to see people's responses.

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She changed the direction of thinking in many ways:

1. It was worth it to pay attention to what I wanted since an anxiety develops when no one is watching out for me. (altruism sucks)
2. When I was called selfish I was able to respond with "Yes, I am, What is it that you want?", instead of guilt paralysis. 
3. Rather than trying to look great, work on being great. (made the goal much clearer and simpler)
4. Knowing that my emotions have a direct relationship with my thoughts. (now common knowledge with cognitive behavior therapy)
   as in any fear that I have has a thought behind it.
5. Ethics is not a secret of priests or saints, it can be figured out.
6. Once introduced to her, I stopped trying to find answers through Abrahamic religions.

There is probably more, but that is all I can gather right now.

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