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In case anyone was wondering, the GOP in general and Donald Trump in particular do not deserve the reputation of being "pro-business." The following comes from a news report on the recent Supreme Court ruling to the effect that states can now force online retailers to collect sales taxes:

You might spot your recent purchase, but all most politicians see is loot. (Image via Pixabay.)
President Donald Trump told governors meeting at the White House Thursday that the ruling is "a big, big victory" for them and that it was a "good decision." The Trump administration backed South Dakota in the case, urging that the 1992 ruling be overturned or at least limited to catalog sales. [bold added]
Not only has South Dakota had Republican supermajorities in both houses of its legislature for over twenty years, many members of that party have been chomping at the bit to pass such a measure for a long time.

At that last link, I asked of Jeb Bush's support for an "efairness" internet sales tax -- which he deemed a "tax cut":
Increasing taxes in order to reduce taxes? What about reducing spending? That certainly didn't happen while Bush was governor. In 2006, for example, close to two-thirds of Florida's $62 billion and growing budget went into entitlements and programs that should be privatized. By comparison, "efairness" would raise a drop in the bucket. Was Bush too timid or too unimaginative to find a way to make even the modest cuts necessary to save that money?
There is nothing "fair" about the government forcibly taking money, and squandering the proceeds on things government shouldn't even be doing only compounds the injustice. The solution isn't to steal from everyone equally: It's to find a way to quit doing so altogether. And, yes, new taxes hurt business, because they violate individual rights, something I wish I could hear either party talk about -- at all.

-- CAV

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