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Feel like being Creative? How would Capitalism, Mixed Economy, Socialism, and Communism act?

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How would Capitalism, Mixed Economy, Socialism, and/or Communism act if they were people?  And why do you say that?

You can even throw in a mixed economy moving towards Capitalism/Socialism/Communism


For example since a mixed economy is such a hodgepodge of controls and freedoms I think he would act like a schizo...  I think history has shown that as well.


What do you think... Would Capitalism act like Mark Zuckerberg?

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On second thought, can a comparison even be made?


I know that Capitalism would be run by his constitution/moral principles and not by mob rule/other people's opinions, fears, doubts, whims, delusions, emotions etc.


Again, you can find your own way of comparing a person and a particular social system.. 

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I think we can use Rand's novels to get some idea of how capitalism and socialism would act. Capitalism would act like Howard Roark or John Galt, and socialism would act like Ellsworth Toohey or James Taggart.

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