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Four Things

1. One day, on the way home from school, I was privy to the following exchange:
Coming soon, to a piggy bank near you! (Image via Pixabay.)
My Son (5): I'm going to put my money in a piggy bank so nobody can find it.

My Daughter (7): Bandits can just pop open the top and find it, anyway.

As it turns out, Pumpkin had decided that a wiser course was to use her bank for unspecified "school supplies," instead.

2. Also overheard: My daughter apparently thinks that there are "no boyfriends and no freckles in college."

No. I haven't the foggiest what that means and I was too busy at the moment to ask.

3. On the way to their annual check-ups, my son, attempted to avert the potential calamity of (shudder) a shot by means of disinformation.

"Daddy," he said from the back seat. "I've got to tell you something. The doctor is closed."

"Really? Well, I heard they might be open. We'll find out who's right in a couple of minutes," I replied, after -- caught off-guard -- I burst out laughing.

4. About a year ago, I had a near-nightly bedtime ritual: My kids enjoyed me pretending at bedtime that one of them was a pillow and the other a blanket as I pretended to go to sleep. Then they'd start moving around and making noise, causing me to feign surprise at the discovery that they were not, in fact, the bedding items I'd hoped for. My wife has video of it somewhere.

-- CAV

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