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Music (Art) Appreciation

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I postulate that the right values to hold in music is to appreciate what does it for you, which can be anything. To understand your subconscious better, you should evaluate the ideas it stores that are driving your tastes.

Example 1: If someone values complexity in music regardless of anything else, are they simply attempting to achieve an irrational value of feeling intelligent?

Example 2: If someone values simplicity in music regardless of anything else, are they simply rebelling against those who are trying to look intelligent and achieving the value of feeling superior in their humble nature?

Is there Psychologically healthy Art Appreciation? To elaborate, two different ppl can view the same piece, one in a psychologically healthy manner and another in a psychologically unhealthy manner.

Also, being honest with yourself in what appeals to you Artistically can uncover great Psychological insights.

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Well, it's important to evaluate your ideas. But to appreciate music you first need to identify the music, which is not the simplicity or complexity. Music has sound, rhythm, and melody. You might prefer simple over complex melodies, but this is probably for valid reasons. An obvious example might be that you are young and/or ignorant. You therefore cannot understand a more complex melody beyond a few notes. For similar reasons, you might not be able to understand complex sentence structures. This doesn't mean that you're subconsciously rebelling against intelligent linguists. It means that you prefer things that you can understand.

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