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Metaphysical status of First Person Experience

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On 11/14/2018 at 10:20 AM, StrictlyLogical said:

Find the error (according to Objectivism) in the following:


1. Everything existing in reality exists independent of any person's perception, knowledge, consciousness, experience etc.



Consciousness and the contents of consciousness are also existing within Existence ('reality').  But the contents of a particular  person's consciousness are most definitely not independent of that person's consciousness.   Contents of consciousness refers to many things and includes the first person experience a.k.a. the subjective perspective.  Premise 1 is not self-contradictory just wrong.

Re: the transporter sidebar; thats just the "Ship of Theseus" problem again where every last plank and furnishing has been replaced and all at once rather than a piece at a time.  This paradox attempts to create a dichotomy between matter and form, substance and structure, and people reveal something about themselves when they favor one or the other as the essence of identity.  Paraphrasing Aristotle, there is no form without matter and no matter exists without form so there should be no dichotomy.

In my resolution, the transported is not identical with the transportee.  But ships, rivers and people are all always changing their parts over time even without transporters and we still use the same names for them.  Names are the way to bring a conceptual consciousness to bear on concrete particulars, and our concepts for particular ships, rivers and people allow for and encompass non-essential variation.  A transporter duplicates the traveler with no measurable variation so of course the name should stay the same.  After the practical matter of the name has been settled it is pointless to dwell further on the abstract degree of identity between the before and after versions of the traveler.  Pointless, because the transported person should not be treated any different than if he had not used the transporter.  

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