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Reblogged:Back in the Saddle -- Sort Of

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Earlier this month when I said I was hedging my bets by allowing myself until today to return to blogging, the "unusual circumstances" I had in mind were all on the Maryland end. I could not have anticipated the delay in getting the kids back into school or not having internet until this Friday. Either of those things alone would have complicated things for me, but put together, they have been ... difficult ... in quite the synergistic way. That said, my being much more organized than on any previous move has kept all of this from being a disaster: I have even made decent progress unpacking the two most important rooms in the house -- the kitchen and my office. I'll post here through Wednesday this week and return to my normal schedule the following week, when the kids will be in school and we'll have internet.

With that out of the way, the move looks really good for us so far. Three early highlights have been (1) my wife likes her new job (and has been home well before 9:00 p.m. every night so far), (2) there are lots of kids around for ours to play with in the new neighborhood, and (3) the parents of the kids seem to be good folks. The social atmosphere of the neighborhood is a welcome change from the somewhat hermetic existence I led in our previous situation, and I expect it to improve my writing along the way by helping me get in better touch with the concerns of the kind of people I regard as my audience.

The move to Florida's First Coast looked like a no-brainer when the prospect arose back in May, but it looks even better now. If you're from that area or frequent it, feel free to drop me a line. But do give me some time to respond: I'm very excited about this move, but I'm still recovering from it.

-- CAV

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