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"Ayn Rand identified the philosophic truth that explains this: reason and force are opposites." -- Bob Stubblefield, in "LTE: Evil Stems From Non-Reason" at The Aiken Standard.

"Now more than ever it's urgent that we understand, and learn to defend, the moral ideal underpinning freedom in America: individualism." -- Elan Journo and Jonathan Hoenig, in "What Is Americanism?" at Fox Business.
Image via Wikimedia Commons.
"What 21st-century capitalism needs, as Ayn Rand argued over 60 years ago, is not a morality that apologises for the system, but one that celebrates the virtues responsible for the astounding improvements in human life that capitalism has created; the virtues of rationality, productivity and pride in individual achievement." -- James Lennox, in "LTE: In Praise of Individualism" at The Economist.

"[W]e must not ignore how fears of false accusations of misconduct can adversely affect both women and men." -- Paul Hsieh, in "Could #MeToo Hurt Women's Health Care?" at Forbes.

"There should be no home for those who threaten to rape and murder others." -- Bosch Fawstin, in "Saying 'Only Hitler Is Hitler' Is Offensive to Facebook" at FrontPage Magazine.

-- CAV

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