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On Tesla and Direct Sales

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i live in Connecticut.  Like the rest of the nation, Connecticut is a mixed socioeconomic system, that is, blending government control and capitalism.  One aspect of this mixed system that I detest is the ability for state governments to pass legislation which places restrictions on trade.  One such restriction is a law meant to prohibit automobile manufacturers from selling direct to consumers.  Such law was meant to ensure that consumers buy their vehicles through dealerships.  Tesla wants to sell its autos directly to consumers through its company-owned showrooms.  Already,  Tesla has gotten in trouble for selling cars from a gallery in Greenwich. 


The law that caused this ruling goes against the grain of free-market capitalism.  Yet the auto dealers lobby is a strong one, staunchly defending this anti-trade law.

So much for the bromide foisted by many right-wingers that America is a capitalist country!

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