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Reblogged:Peer Review Meets Poe's Law. Again.

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John Stossel reports on the latest examples of garbage being published after peer review in an academic journal. In one case, some academics rewrote a portion of Mein Kampf and were published by Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work. Their point?

[R]esearchers of these topics have gotten lazy and political, [the authors] say. "A culture has developed in which only certain conclusions are allowed -- like those that make whiteness and masculinity problematic," [James] Lindsay says.

Reach politically "correct" conclusions and you can get most anything published.

"Kind of a last straw happened," says Lindsay. "There was this paper well-funded by the National Science Foundation that studied 'feminist glaciology.' It said glacier science is sexist." [bold added]
At the risk of stating the obvious, another of the authors states, "The scholarship in these disciplines is utterly corrupted. They have placed an agenda before the truth."


The responses of the journal editors, the institutional employer of one of the authors, and others have been disgraceful, to say the very least.

-- CAV

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