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Notable Commentary

Two creeps, who already have more power than they should. (Image by Senate Democrats, via Wikipedia, license.)
"They don't care that we've had about a decade to 'save the planet' ever since at least 1989, when the U.N. first predicted disaster: We are to ramrod through whatever program she deems correct -- regardless of facts, however pesky to her; or consequences, however dire to ourselves." -- Gus Van Horn, in "Yes AOC, It's Creepy When People Don't Mind Their Own Business" at RealClear Markets.

"It is only on the premise that the environmentalist movement is truly driven by a concern for human well-being that its vehement attacks on carbon-based fuels (without which human life as we know it in the developed world would be impossible), its cavalier lack of any alternative plan, and its active opposition to proposed alternatives (whether real ones like nuclear or hydro, or fantasized ones like solar), make no sense." -- Keith Lockitch, in "Energy Privation: The Environmentalist Campaign Against Energy" (2011, continued here) originally in Why Businessmen Need Philosophy.

"Wikipedia has an excellent (and heart-breaking) list of the many historical abuses of psychiatry in countries such as China and the former Soviet Union to stifle political dissent by labeling unpopular views as 'mental illness.'" [link in original] -- Paul Hsieh, in "Should Therapists Treat Climate Change Denial as a Psychological Disorder?" at Forbes.

"The real reason that capitalism has been misrepresented and condemned is precisely because its ruling principle is justice, not need." -- Don Richmond, in "Letter: Rand Was Right" at Naples Daily News.

"Fed inactivity may continue to comfort unsuspecting investors, but ... historically, it hasn't mattered how or why the yield curve has inverted: once it inverts (and stays inverted for a while), there's trouble ahead." -- Richard Salsman, in "The Yield Curve Can Invert Even if the Fed Stands Pat" at The Daily Capitalist.

"Lending is a win-win deal." -- Keith Weiner, in "Is Lending the Root of All Evil?" at SNB & CHF.

-- CAV

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