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Media Matters vs. Tucker Carlson

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Media Matters has released some research on Tucker Carlson, related to old appearances he made on a "shock jock" radio program. They are highlighting alleged sexist and racist remarks he made on air with Bubba the Love Sponge.



So far Fox News has taken no action and continues to broadcast Carlson's TV show. Carlson refuses to apologize and accuses Media Matters of being motivated by a hostility to free speech.


I don't care much for Media Matters or Tucker Carlson, but I find the optics of this particular battle intriguing. From a distance, it looks like we have a faceless collective (Media Matters) against a lone individual (Tucker Carlson). Carlson has his flaws, yes, but he is still the protagonist in this drama. He is the hero being challenged by a mob who wants to grind another individual out of the spotlight. Whether he deserves it seems irrelevant compared to the larger political battle for individualism.

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