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Reblogged:A Feminist Thanks Capitalism

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Writing at The Hill, Jennifer Stefano sings her praises for capitalism as the political arrangement that enabled women to free themselves from lives centered on child bearing and household drudgery:
My favorite appliance saves me from a chore I detest -- and was invented by a woman. (Image by Carlos Paes, via Wikipedia, used by permission.)
For years, misogynists have claimed women are helpless -- that we can't think or provide for ourselves. The capitalist system has allowed women to rack up accomplishments that proved them all wrong.

Now, [Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez]] and other ... lawmakers embracing socialism want to take it all away by having us become "kept" women, dependent on and under the thumb of an overreaching government.

We don't need it. It's time for the socialists to get out of our way and keep government out of our business. [bold added, link omitted]
I must note that it was hard to pick out a single good excerpt here since Stefano did such a good job -- in a short piece -- describing the historical and real advantages of capitalism and contrasting them to what socialism means in practice.

Although Stefano might disagree with my view that individualism is a better basis than feminism for advocating capitalism, I am grateful to her for making her case for capitalism to an audience that is likely overwhelmingly hostile to it.

-- CAV

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