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Four Things

Next week, the Van Horns will be on a family vacation. I should be able to pop in from time to time to monitor comments and possibly post once or twice, but I won't guarantee it. In light of the circumstances, it seems fitting to leave you with a post about the kids.

1. When I told my daughter I liked her under-sea sketch so much I wrote about it, she asked why I didn't also post her flower sketch. I explained that I liked both, but preferred the one. In any event, here's the other, at right.

2. For me, the "killer app" of the Amazon Echo was, for the longest time, its weather report. Now it's the music player.

Ever since we got bunk beds for the kids, I have had to replace my old morning wake-up tactic of last resort: I can't easily pick up either one from their beds now, so I play music. Fishbone, the B-52s, and (surprisingly) Gregorian chant are particularly effective.

As an amusing bonus, I usually get an audible indication of success in the form of one of them shouting, "Alexa, stop!"

3. Question: What does a five-year-old boy do at home after he wins about a dozen rubber ducks from a claw game at the arcade?

Answer: He takes off his shoes and socks, and jams about eight into one of the socks.


4. As the kids get older, the intensity of their different responses to me coming to pick them up from after-school care is beginning to wane, so I will note them now. My son, who will be six the next time I write about him, smiles and runs over for a hug. My daughter, soon to be eight, gets upset, especially if she is caught up in something that interests her. (She is like me in that she intensely hates to be disturbed while concentrating.)

The memories of each that stand out the most are: (1) I was once slightly off-balance when I crouched to hug my son, and got knocked over. I had a mild ankle injury after that one. (2) My daughter once angrily asked why she never gets to be the last one to be picked up. This was on a day I was running late and had only about ten minutes to spare.

-- CAV

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