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Over at Inc., Suzanne Lucas points out some succinct advice on introspection and change that comes from a surprising source -- a skit on Saturday Night Live:

Image by Landis Brown, via Unsplash, license.
Acting as travel agent, Joe Romano, [Adam] Sandler talks about all the great things you can do in Italy--eat, drink, hike, et cetera, but focuses on setting expectations: "We always remind our customers; If you're sad now, you might still feel sad there." And, "remember, you're still gonna be you on vacation."

This is advice that we all need. While a change of scenery is often good (and vacation is good for you--even if it's not Italy, but merely a stay-cation), you are the same person wherever you go. Going to Italy, Sandler reminds us, can do a lot. "It can help you unwind, see some different looking squirrels, but it cannot fix deeper issues, like how you behave in group settings or your general baseline mood. That's a job for incremental lifestyle changes." [bold added, link omitted]
Much later, after pointing out options many companies offer for help making such changes, she elaborates a bit with an example:
[A]cknowledge that you play a role in how your life looks. One bad boss is bad luck. Six bad bosses in a row ... says that you either stink at picking bosses or you are a terrible employee. Either way, you have to make that change.
I like this piece because it helps with personal troubleshooting and offers hope at the same time -- and that's apart from any employee benefits the reader may learn about as a result of Lucas's particular expertise.

-- CAV

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