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There is a very good Russian Sci-Fi / Fantasy movie "Night watch" in theaters now ("Lord of the Rings" meets "Prophecy"). Did anyone see it? The movie been out on DVD for some time, but since Fox bought all American distribution rights, they have mandated to stop making NTSC formatted dvds of it. The disk has been slowly disappearing from even Russian stores in America. And Fox kept postponing the release until recent limited release, while sequel "Day Watch" is already out in Russia on pal dvd (without subs only). Both installments beat American movies in Russia. And the studio is insisting on filming the 3rd part in English. Ain't US movie studios wonderful B)

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Well, Night Watch came & went in US theaters. American studio ruined chances of yet another foreign film to be seen: waited too long to release it, didn't properly advertise it, and showed it in too limited number of theaters.

But I guess most American viewers are just not too interested in what is going on in the rest of the world.

Even though majority came from Europe in not too distant past (1-4 generations removed).

So did most American actors, and a few have Russian roots, like Michael Douglas & Harrison Ford.

I found 45 Hollywood actors & actresses who's parents or grandparents came from Russia or Soviet Union:

Please let me know if you know of any other actors of Russian descent.

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I read the book that this movie is based on recently, and I have to say it was interesting and worth reading if you're into modern gothic horror at all. I'm curious to see the movie . . . if it's been released in the U.S. is there some possibility of obtaining a DVD?

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