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Anti-Collectivist Image I made

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I think it's a good image. You should post it around your local college campus.

One criticism, though--I would focus on a much more fundamental issue than the right to keep and bear arms if I were you. How about the fact that their government regarded them as cogs of the state--that their right to life was not recognized? (There are also a couple of minor spelling/grammatical errors.)

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Tell me what you think.

Where are you getting those figures from? I think it important that the figures reflect the best known facts. Are you aware of "The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression," S. Courtois, et al., Harvard University Press, 1999? This is generally considered to be a scholarly work of facts, and their figures are quite different from the ones you print.

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Do the numbers in the book include state orchastrated famines and civilian deaths caused by their armies?

That, and much more. As I said, this is generally considered to be the scholarly reference work for this subject, almost 900 pages long. Here is a brief description of what is covered for "the mass murder of human beings -- of men, women, and children.":

"Thus we have delimited crimes against civilians as the essence of the phenomenon of terror. These crimes tend to fit a recognizable pattern even if the practices vary to some extent by regime. The pattern includes execution by various means, such as firing squads, hanging, drowning, battering, and, in certain cases, gassing, poisoning, or 'car accidents'; destruction of the population by starvation, through man-made famine, the witholding of food, or both; deportation, through which death can occur in transit (either through physical exhaustion or through confinement in an enclosed space), at one's place of residence, or through forced labor (exhaustion, illness, hunger, cold)."

As I said, quite comprehensive. I'm sure you can find the book in most decent libraries, and it is widely available through the normal bookseller channels.

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