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Debate technique

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After having engaged recently in a debate I have few comments about debating technique.

When one is presented with a counter argument one should first strive to understand his opponent's position fairly - without distorting it and if the meaning is unclear one should ASK for clarification. The next step is to either:

- prove it wrong - show to be false or erroneous by argument or evidence

- or if it is true, show by logical argument or evidence why it not contradictory to your position.

-or if true and contradictory to your claim - acknowledge that fact - which further requires you to check your premisses.

It is very frustrating to be spending most of your time when debating exposing straw man. Argumentum ad naseum - one that employs constant repetition in asserting a concept without addressing the presented counter evidence - is also very frustrating.

Those things are counter-productive to bringing out the truth - which is the purpose of debating.

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