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  2. Sorry; I didn't think you were. Those who're engaged in the dishonest search for space problems don't usually ask about their solutions. I was more mentioning why I think we've all heard so much about this non-issue. Space harpoons sound fantastic on so many different levels. I love it! Of course. When the space immediately above Earth starts to become crowded enough that collisions could happen I imagine people will start coordinating their orbital traffic in a much more structured way. It's not really a different kind of problem than coordinating the traffic of car
  3. How did Hong Kongers miss Trump’s obvious totalitarianism, or did they see it too and just prefer that brand as opposed to the CCP’s?
  4. Keep in mind I picked him as a clear example of the mainstream conservative viewpoint, what passes as mainstream for conservatives these days. More or less that it has transformed into something else. He isn't alarming in contrast, he is alarming in similarity. If this is the future we can expect, I don't think it's going to turn out well.
  5. Of course I listened. And of course anyone can say anything, just selectively not conservatives and some libertarians on Left-owned social media. What bothers you especially about Hawley? I want to know why he is so alarming by contrast to what the Left are doing in power and will do more of. Rather ironic, you think that the embattled conservatives want a "safe space" which has been the creation and feature of frightened Leftists. I think you enjoy them getting muzzled.
  6. Those mystics who laud God and the Soul, chased off in the wrong direction. Put in "existence" to replace "God" and man's consciousness for "soul" (and that "each individual meets" or apprehends reality, alone, and judges for himself by that standard) and there is something Objectivists might relate to as an interesting exercise.
  7. Anyone can say anything they want in America. These conservatives just want a safe space. Anyway, since you still didn't listen to the speech and you didn't read what I wrote before about souls, there isn't anything more to be said.
  8. 1. Show me where, in that belief system, one's soul is considered the collective property of other 'souls'. Do you get that (in that belief system) each individual meets his maker alone? Let that notion sink in for a moment. Right off, there's the simple cause of much more self-responsibility from the conservatives. You will never hear the word "character" from leftists. 2. You go by one speaker mouthing off about breaking up big tech as your insight into conservatives and ignored the substance of what I said about clamps on freedom of speech directed at the conservatives - and anything I
  9. Did you read anything I said about the soul earlier? What about Hawley - in the speech you must have listened to my now - sounded like a better alternative?
  10. Muslim conservatives, perhaps. But communism is a political ideology explicitly against capitalism, so no. Religion, particularly Christianity, is not defined by a political ideology, especially not in modern day America.
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  12. I've gone about as far as I care to, supporting the religious-conservatives. I have not implied they are objectively right and moral, I say they are better by far to deal with than the alternatives. "Duty"? The left-collectivists promote "your brother's keeper", on steroids. That is their total metaphysics, ethics and politics, right there. 1. Other people - the standard of value. 2. Exacting control over others' lives and minds through the state. The reason is this, I think. The complete collectivist is necessarily a total determinist. Here, one is predetermined by physical factors, xyz,
  13. The RemoveDebris satellite was deployed a couple years ago. Apparently it can catch space debris with a net and a harpoon.
  14. That's the majority of Christians. 58% don't believe reading the Bible is an essential part of being a Christian. Religion is so watered down today that even among those who believe the Bible is the word of God, about half of them look elsewhere for moral guidance, to common sense, philosophy, reason and science. Check out this Pew study. That's what anything goes means. It means Muslims are fine. It means that Communists are okay because most of them don't believe their dogma. It makes this whole comparison becomes totally meaningless ... when it already was meaningless. It was
  15. That's the majority of Christians. 58% don't believe reading the Bible is an essential part of being a Christian. Religion is so watered down today that even among those who believe the Bible is the word of God, about half of them look elsewhere for moral guidance, to common sense, philosophy, reason and science. Check out this Pew study.
  16. Where did I suggest that? I gave you examples earlier of imperfect things I would accept. I'm saying that the national conservatives are really really really bad. What's with the scare quotes? Again, did you listen to the speech I showed you? I'm not using a euphemism, I'm referring to things Hawley said.
  17. Summary: Embracing "duty" to a god, embracing the idea that "you are your brother's keeper" is 100% anti-individualist. You're will (as an individual is not important). That is at the core of the problem with collectivism. Now if you want to include people who call themselves religious but don't fully believe, anything goes.
  18. "We the people"? At about 80% - 20 % I might estimate is the ratio of leftist collectivism to rightist collectivism, and varying widely with the latter. The left are locked into anti-individualism; it's their entire nature and modus operandi. Reckon further, about 5 - 95 is the ratio of Left to Right individualism. So one avoids over-generalizations, all S is P - yet, can infer where lie the predominant or overwhelming characteristics. Summary: The conservatives have individualism by a huge margin compared to the Leftists. You have been looking for identity-equivalence of
  19. No, I'm not looking for a reason why space travel is a bad idea. I'm rather looking for a reason why a space tug is good. I love the idea that we will have a tool to displace, move and maintain satellites. There are other ways though. For example, refuelling satellites so that they can continue their work.
  20. I resent people who view life this way trying tell me what to do. (Image by Edvard Munch, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.) Throughout the pandemic, I have avoided, as much as possible, the ignorant, relentlessly negative, and patronizing news coverage thereof from the media establishment. I have found my own sources of information, and am glad to have armed myself years ago with an advanced degree in bioscience. So I was both better able to integrate knowledge than most journalists anyway, and much more likely to simply yell at the television set if I wasted my time watching it. (My tr
  21. Did you listen to the speech I showed you? He used explicitly collectivist terms. Watch from 9:30 to 10:30. Indeed, but national conservatives literally want government force, Hawley in particular. You asked me what they would do, and directing a philosophy is part of it. Trust busting is the most immediate thing they would do. Use the power of government to forcibly tear apart private companies. Do you not believe him?
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  23. It's a matter of identifying the fundamental point of disagreement.
  24. Omigod. Run for the hills, the nationalists are coming. They are going to emphasize us to death. No the large corporations have probably committed no crime, not initiated force, but some are amoral, anti-capitalist corporatists.
  25. >When it is proclaimed in collectivist terms<. Therefore when "we" as individuals in a group (of sorts) are being named, targeted and publicly ostracized by vengeful collectivists, would speak out or resist the treatment, qua group, "we" are now equally ... 'collectivists'? Tarring the victims with the victimizers' brush. And what would you have the conservatives do? Meekly submit to their virtual elimination, self-sacrifice? You know what - I am beginning to think that's what militant anti-Christians actually wish for.
  26. This type of viewpoint is called national conservatism. The kind mentioned by Journo. Call them whatever you want. The attempted fight back is by means of stronger collectivism. They want to beat left collectivism with right collectivism. It's the bad kind of nationalism. Nationalism per se is not a problem, but it is when it is proclaimed in collectivist terms. -Use government force to break up large corporations that have committed no crime and have not initiated force -Emphasize national dialogue about the importance of the family over the individual -Emphasize the importa
  27. And I ask you again. What are these "national conservatives" going to DO about what they think or believe? What are the logical actions that follow from God, Nation, Constitution, Family? Impose one's beliefs on others, by forced conversions? A theocracy? Invade neighboring countries? Put dissidents into camps? Or what? "National conservatism" is meaningless or benign: So - one is conservative and has high regard for one's nation. How does it hurt others? This goes for many/most citizens in every country, give or take.
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