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  1. I pre-check my premises before reading the forum. It saves time. I prefer consistency in my enemies. It makes them predictable and therefore easier to defeat, or to protect agaisnt. The religious right has integrity in spades. The left doesn't.
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  2. RationalBiker

    Tattoo Ideas

    That's really your issue though, not that person's.
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  3. The canonical example of this kind of problem is the shape of a strawberry bush. It is easy to learn to recognize what a strawberry bush looks like, nearly impossible to describe in words. It simply is not true that explicitly held concepts are necessary to perceive and judge similarities and differences at the perceptual level. You do not need to have a concept of color to see color, or a concept of length for length, or every human and every animal would be blind. Colors, lengths and shapes are epistemological givens provided to us by the automatic operation of the senses, and in the
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  4. Grames

    Integrating Volition

    Binswanger is wrong. In what follows I'm dependent on Diana Hsieh's retelling of Binswanger's thoughts because I don't have the course mentioned. Where he goes wrong is his analysis of what it means for something to be a philosophical primary. He keys off the word reducible such as in the definition "a primary is not reducible" and then commits himself to a view consciousness that cannot be physical lest it be found to have parts and be reducible after all. His general description of what it means to reduce something is correct but not appropriate to a logical analysis. A philosophica
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  5. writer1972

    Tattoo Ideas

    My experience with girls who have nose or facial piercings is that they are trend followers who have no regard for their bodily integrity or their beauty.I wouldn't want them for fear of hepatitis. Same with tattoos. When they get over the trend, they have a hole or scare hanging there, a lasting mark of their foolishness. When I see someone with a ring through their nose, I see a water buffalo just waiting to be lead around. When I see a tattoo on someone, that's all that I see. The person is reduced to their tattoo. To see a woman with Twitty bird on her ankle is not cute. I sense trash. I
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