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  1. aequalsa

    Obama a nihilist?

    I think 2046 is on the right track, in that egalitarianism is indistinguishable from nihilism in all essential characteristics. To say that the effects should be the same, regardless of the cause(which is what egalitarianism and Obama seek)is to say that values, "that which one acts to gain or keep" are not inherently dependent on the process of acting. The new definition of values becomes simply, "that which one has." Concrete based thinking. The removal of the action from values, is the elimination of cause and effect and serves not just to destroy values(which it certainly will, wholesal
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  2. Element

    Clay Jones On Ayn Rand

    The man is convinced that people are evil, including himself. Christianity doesn't make people good at being selfless, it just makes people bad at being selfish.
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  3. Maken

    Refractive Eye Surgery

    My grandmother had it done two years ago and her vision reverted to perfect 20/20 vision and she hasn't had to wear glasses for anything since the surgery. She told me it was painless and rather quick as well.
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  4. I had the procedure which involved cutting the 'flap' opening it and applying the laser directly to the cornea for reshaping. I experienced no pain during the procedure, and only very slight discomfort afterwards for a couple hours (felt like I had something in my eyes). Within hours I could already tell my vision was better. I had to take antibiotic eyedrops for a week or two after but I was back to work in two days. My vision improved to about 20/15 for a long time, but I lost some of my close vision resulting in having to wear reading glasses a little sooner than normal. I did experi
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