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  1. Eiuol

    The Process Of Deliberation

    Aristotle stated in Nicomachean Ethics that no one deliberates about facts. (Well, to be specific, he stated that no one inquires about what they already know. Aristostle thought of deliberation as a type of inquiry). As I’ve observed, this is true. I do not deliberate - reason out thoroughly and carefully- when I state that 2 + 2 is 4. More complex, I do not deliberate that the only way to violate rights is the through the initiation of force. It may take time to determine that both of these statements are facts, but once it is determined they are facts, no more deliberation occurs. Deliberat
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  2. Tanaka

    Wabi Sabi

    None of these are true statements. Everything lasts (for various lengths of time), and I just finished my lunch. I'm positive about that. It wasn't a perfect lunch though, because the shops and markets around here are very poorly stocked and I can never find the right stuff. But, if I had found the right stuff, and cooked it the way it's supposed to be cooked, it would've been perfect (perfect by the standard I formulated when I first set out to make that meal). So the speaker is not really acknowledging reality, he's acknowledging a subjective perspective (things don't last long enough fo
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  3. My opinion is that the situation with your father is not analogous to the Bush=Hitler phenomena. It is useful to remember that what one gets from the left is more often their emotions, not their thoughts. In most cases (at least in my experience), "Bush is as bad as Hitler" is not the result of a thought process. It is, rather, a rationalization for an intense hatred of anyone that dares to pronounce moral judgment. What generates this hatred? Remember, many on the left are victims of the educational comprachico's campaign to cripple their conceptual ability. As Miss Rand explains in
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  4. Nope. You still don't understand. Consent has nothing to do with it at all. Neither implicitly or explicitly. This is inherent to the nature of government. If you are very very fortunate you live in a place that has a government whose role is properly restricted, or almost so. Ours is increasingly out of line, but it is still a government, and as a government it has the following characteristic: Your consent is neither sought, required, or quite frankly, given a good goddamn about. You are allowed in many parts of the world to vote but not to reject the result of the vote, whethe
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