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  1. If you believe this then you truly are a fool of the greatest proportions.
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  2. I think what you need to analyze is how wars are begun in the first place. It was never the baker in New York who declared war on the Car Salesman in "Nazi" Germany. Wars are always begun by governments, never people, and have historically never accomplished the goal of "security" that they promised. Of all the wars the US was in, tell me which one was justified in the innocent death of individuals? Wars will never end until government ends. Of course, most Objectivist will critique this argument, stating that the proper role of government is to protect the individual from harm, both foreign and domestic. But 9/11 did nothing to me. I have no qualm with Iraq or Afghanistan. This is not an argument against justice, but rather an argument that the government can never be an instrument of justice: never has been and never will be. We captured Osama in Pakistan, where he has been in 6 years. We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan... [Edit begins here to qualify] I don't want to come across as a peace-loving MLK "hippie". I was merely trying to point out that justice stems from an individual, not a "national" or "collective" level. Once these artificial bodies take up the cause of justice, they automatically will use and abuse individuals in such a "pursuit".
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