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    Anarchy and Objectivism

    Regarding what you think of that definition as explained from Merriam-Webster, I suggest you read the "Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy" by Leonard Peikoff. A priori and 'self-evident proposition' don't mean what you're thinking. Regardless, a right is not self-evident, as it depends on moral principles, which themselves are not self-evident.
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    Hate Speech: a crime in Europe

    If someone goes around threatening to drown and strangle someone then that is harassment. It is right that they should have to answer to the police. The police issued the kid with a warning. This is entirely proportionate. What is the big deal?
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    "Talk shit, get hit"

    When a person is acting irrationally, they are abandoning reason in favor of animal-like consciousness of operating on the perceptual level. The words involved in throwing around baseless insults are arbitrary and automatic, and often go with the intent of physical aggression if you give into their provocations. While a person has the power to come out of such an animal-like frame of mind or not enter such a frame of mind in the first place, if one is in such a state, that's blind emotionalism as much as a dog. I like Dante's thinking going on, and I agree with some of it. Depending on the words stated and context of where they are stated, it's possible to "ask for it" in the sense your abuser has stated they're looking for a fight, and gave you permission. But the moral course of action is to not engage if at all possible.
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    If the time sheets are used to bill your clients, you're defrauding them. If it's your signature on the sheet, you might be responsible. If this badly affects the way they bill their clients, that sucks, but they'll just have to renegotiate that. If they are just some internal bureaucracy though, it doesn't matter. Although you still could be considered to be defrauding your boss if you can't verify the verbal OK they gave you. Sit down with whoever is in charge, explain your discomfort at the situation, and then ask for a written confirmation.
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