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    Devil's Advocate

    GOPers: Let go of Rand?

    For what it's worth, I think Objectivists should let go of GOPers. Having listened to many of Ayn Rand's interactions with conservatives of her day, in a manner of engagement sadly missing today, I've concluded that today's GOP could use a little more time wandering in the desert. Ryan's political distancing from Objectivism under pressure demonstrates the weakness of relying on contemporary GOP candidates to understand, let alone appreciate and act on the whole package Objectivism offers. Objectivists should worry less about flirting with any particular party, and focus more on reaching the individual in all parties.
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    Why are you even debating that question? Defenses of abortion shouldn't be based on claiming a fetus is 'part of someone's body' because its merely inside someone's body. Defend the right of bodily autonomy and argue against the notion of fetus rights.
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