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  1. I saw this on Listverse: http://listverse.com/2015/06/28/10-potential-alternatives-to-the-conventional-capitalist-system/ Objectivism is number 2. It is one of the fairer characterizations of Objectivism I've seen mentioned on this site. I guess this isn't exactly news, but I thought it was worth sharing.
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  2. The headline in the link and topic title is misleading, as it's about "pure" reason. He's talking about "pure" reason, not reason wholesale. But what he does is worse - he racializes the whole topic. Yes, Kant and Descartes' view on reason is wrong, but it's not their whiteness or culture. It phrases the issue as though philosophers are merely products of society's norms. I'd agree that, say, Kant has had a negative impact on society, but to go on to make it about white males is a cop out for a real criticism of pure reason.
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  3. Notice how the professor says he conceives of reason: "the Cartesian ego cogito and Kant’s transcendental consciousness." So, maybe this is a case of a philosopher having his context set by intrinsicists, denying the intrinsicist premise, and swinging over to subjectivism.
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