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  1. I know it's much later but I just saw this topic, so idk if OP will see this reply. As a self-employed plumber, I can say that I in no way feel "less important" than a CEO of a large scale company. I would say that I resonate deeper with Hank Rearden than I do with Eddie Willers. This is because I don't equate my success with how much my business grosses each year, or how much I "contribute to society". I find great pride in my personal success and growth in itself, in relation to nothing at all. I have achieved great success through skill, dedication, and even character (A friend
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  2. I'm listening to a lecture course about the history of American philosophy, and according to one of the lectures Hegel's philosophy came to the United States in part by means of theology. Theology students would often travel to Europe and bring back the philosophical and theological ideas that were current there. One of the first major Hegelian works in the United States was by a theologian who was trying to show how God had allowed history to develop through the thesis - antithesis - synthesis pattern Hegel described. Theology has had a pretty big impact on intellectual life in the Unite
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  3. Certainly Objectivism does not hold plumbers, electricians, builders to be "moochers," let alone "useless." Honestly, when we speak of "utility" and one's "role in society," it makes me a touch uneasy. An individual is not obligated to have a "useful role in society" as judged by me, Ayn Rand, or anybody else. Worth less to whom? Every individual is (or ought to be) supremely important in his individual endeavors to himself--that's what matters. It's the only thing that matters. To be honest, I don't understand the point of Nicky comparing "electrician A" to "electrician B," either. You're r
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