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  1. Boydstun


    Ayn Rand’s novella ANTHEM, published in 1938 and revised in a 1946 edition, is set in a fictitious collectivist community, one smaller and simpler than Kira’s historical setting in WE THE LIVING. Rand’s ANTHEM is presented as a journal kept by her protagonist whose name is Equality 7-2521. He records that he dares to choose, in the secrecy of his own mind, work he hopes to do when leaving the Home of the Students. He loves the Science of Things. He hopes he will be selected to be a scholar, but the authorities appoint him to be a street sweeper. The technology of his isolated community is
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  2. Why are you telling me this? I know this, we went over it, I explicitly told you I agree with you that all this should be voluntary.
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  3. Defiant Michigan UP cafe owner told to shut down after serving indoor diners Since November, bars and restaurants in Michigan have been limited to carry-out service or outdoor dining in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Who is mandating the limitation (and by what means)? Who's rights are being violated? Is it the people who chose not to frequent this establishment for CoViD-19 concerns? Is it the owner and voluntary workers at a restaurant violating a mandate to only fulfill carry out orders? A patient checks into a hospital and the diagnosis turns out to
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  4. Coronavirus -- symptoms of Covid
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  5. A posteriori and a priori #1 To all, I hope you had a Merry Xmas and wish you a Happy New Year. Sometime in 2021 maybe 20/20 hindsight will put more light on the world.
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