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  1. Many things going on outside the world of the Objectivism Online Forum. Discovered, over the course of a year, that I was able to live within an anticipated budget, and that I would likely not have to return to the 'working 9-5' world. Such was not to be. I received a call asking me if I'd take on a part-time position. After 40+ years with my nose to the grindstone, a year vacation softened my resolve. The work offers the flexibility to take on more varied activities, with the added bonus of not eating into the seedcorn. I've watched the Ayn Rand Center U.K. ramp up activities with a rather different approach to the Ayn Rand Institute, one centered more on Objectivism, as a philosophy for living on earth. The focus has been noticeably on values and their pursuit. In a style reminiscent of Andrew Bernstein's suggestion that Objectivists should live as value-intoxicated people. Back in early 2012, I started a thread here: Biologists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step. It dealt with yeast in bread and evolution. The latest of the 29 current posts was added at the end of September 2021. Shortly after reaching a separation agreement at the end of 2022, I saw an article in my Android news feed with a picture of a loaf of Challah bread. The Golden One (Photo by Greg Lewis, February 12, 2023) I can do that. This picture is of the 19th loaf after receiving "The Perfect Loaf" for Christmas, done in Sourdough. Granted, it has not provided me with an evolutionary step, but after 7 days of nursing a glob of mixed flour and water, the active yeast in the environment manifests itself as a result of the processes. The sourdough process versus commercial active yeast provides a thought of division of the domesticated versus the wild. After following a recipe for making sourdough bagels, an appreciation for the bakeries that can turn them out more efficiently comes into sharper focus. Additionally the idea of proofing the yeast, and proofing the dough come into play, where both provide evidence of the yeast's vitality. After almost a day in the kitchen, you get to enjoy one of the fruits of your labor.
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