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    Objectivism Is The Everyman's Philosophy

    In the universe, what you see is what you get,

    figuring it out for yourself is the way to happiness,

    and each person's independence is respected by all

  • Rand's Philosophy in Her Own Words

    • "Metaphysics: Objective Reality"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed/Wishing won’t make it so." "The universe exists independent of consciousness"
    • "Epistemology: Reason" "You can’t eat your cake and have it, too." "Thinking is man’s only basic virtue"
    • "Ethics: Self-interest" "Man is an end in himself." "Man must act for his own rational self-interest" "The purpose of morality is to teach you[...] to enjoy yourself and live"
    • "Politics: Capitalism" "Give me liberty or give me death." "If life on earth is [a man's] purpose, he has a right to live as a rational being"
  • Objectivism Online Chat

    Whose War? by Patrick J. Buchanan

    Francis Galton
    By Francis Galton,
    The following is from http://www.amconmag.com/ March 24, 2003 issue Copyright © 2003 The American Conservative Whose War? A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest. by Patrick J. Buchanan The War Party may have gotten its war. But it has also gotten something it did not bargain for. Its membership lists and associations have been exposed and its motives challenged. In a rare moment in U.S. journalism, T

    Sheik Ahmed Yassin – Saruman the White

    By Invictus,
    The resemblance between these two is incredible.

    Keynes: "Capitalism's Savior"

    Kitty Hawk
    By Kitty Hawk,
    Yes, according to the April 12th issue of Business Week magazine, John Maynard Keynes was the savior of capitalism. In a continuing series of articles called The Great Innovators, this week's article is on Keynes. The author of the article, Christopher Farrell, heaped praise on Keynes for persuading a generation of thinkers and leaders "to abandon a near-theological belief in balanced budgets. He showed that government could get trapped in recession or depression--and argued that govern

    Can an irrational universe produce rationality?

    Guest andrew
    By Guest andrew,
    Objectivism rejects the supernatural. However this does pose a contradiction: The supernatural stance explains how rationality can exist: if the universe has been "designed" then it must have a "designer" and therefore can be expected to perform along rational lines. If the universe has not been "designed" then it must be the result of an irrational accident. Therefore how can we expect an irrational universe to produce rationality? If our minds are irrational collections of at

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