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    Human health and capabilities.

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    I first read Atlas Shrugged in 2007, then followed quickly with The Fountainhead, Anthem, and We the Living. From 2008 onward, I have focused on the non-fiction works of Rand and Peikoff.

    Some related books I have enjoyed are:
    History of Western Philosophy (W.T. Jones), The Last Days of Socrates (trans Hugh Tredennick), Great Dialogues of Plato (trans W.H.D. Rouse), The Art of Reasoning (David Kelley), Nizkor Project: Fallacies -- http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/

    Other books I have enjoyed:
    Tesla: Man Out of Time (Margaret Cheney), A Life Decoded (J. Craig Venter), Captain Blood (Rafael Sabatini).

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  1. What is your research strategy? What have you learned so far?
  2. ^ from Address To The Graduating Class Of The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York — March 6, 1974
  3. The overarching purpose of PTK is to recruit high-GPA students to low-prestige schools.
  4. If you can get the forum listed here and here as a safe haven for students wanting to start their own campus club, it could be an excellent growth opportunity. The Local Forums could be expanded to accommodate them, and moderation could be delegated as needed.
  5. He is not compromising by wearing common clothing anymore than he is compromising by speaking a common language. Why did you ask your question in English? What currency was your last paycheck in, and why did you agree to that?
  6. Non sequitur Non sequitur Appeal to consequences of a belief Non sequitur Also, using one logical fallacy to reply to another would be an example of "two wrongs make a right." /edit: format
  7. If you are offering only unsubstantiated opinions, then how are you different from the psychiatrists that you describe, that offer medication without proof for their assertions?
  8. First of all, do not say "forced to live in it for economic reasons." No one is forcing you to do anything. I think that you mean, "I lack the money to move," or "I do not know how I will make money if I move," neither of which is insurmountable. Choosing to be sharper in the way that you interpret reality will help you regardless of your particular circumstances. Be precise with your thoughts and words. Second, if lacking courage is acceptable to you, then you have already made your decision, and nothing said here will help you to change your mind.
  9. A secondary argument would be that such a policy does not provide incentive for people to be responsible and self-aware.
  10. Perhaps you could return the money in exchange for immunity and a job as a bank security expert. Then you would have the self-esteem that comes from honest and productive work, and they would be guarded against future theft. They would be stupid to say no.
  11. A third danger is that by paying them less (but still a livable wage), you could be making it easier to buy their vote. If you are wanting self-sufficient men, it is better to pay them $1 per year (not a livable wage). They won't be able to run for office, or stay in office, unless they have been sufficient already (exceptions exist). This site compare salaries by state, but doesn't include per diem in the salary. Examples: New Hampshire House of Representatives = $100/year New Mexico House of Representatives = ~$4500-9000/year (per diem only). Texas House of Representatives = $17,920/year Connecticut = $28,000/year Massachusetts = $58,000+/year California = $95,000+/year U.S. House of Representatives = $174,000/year Paying a low wage isn't the only safety mechanism available (high campaign costs would be another) but it is probably the most reliable. Also, if you pay them less, you could afford to have a more representative government. Rough ratios: New Hampshire 1:3,311 New Mexico 1:28,709 Texas 1:165,215 Connecticut 1:23,299 Massachusetts 1:41,209 California 1:444,018 U.S. House of Representatives 1: 705,762
  12. http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pagename=media_topic_environmentalism_and_animal_rights
  13. Analogy: There are many types of knives, and some knives are sharper than others. To evaluate the quality of a knife, one must not consider just its sharpness, but also the raw material from which it is made, and its suitability for the task at hand. There are degrees of sharpness, raw material, and suitability. The same is true of an artist, with this exception: the artist is both the knife and the blacksmith.
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