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  1. "talked about how a belief in free will makes people more productive, while a belief in determinism makes people less productive." Believing in God on average makes people more happy and comfortable. Trust is more important then comfort, productivity or anything you can possible think of.
  2. for info on the test go here. http://www.carlsonschool.umn.edu/assets/91974.pdf so as you can see this wasnt a free will debate as i said. It is a debate on if it were considered true, if the world would be better off knowing this or not knowing this.
  3. There have been studies done where a group of people were told to read a book supporting determinism and then take a test. They had another group of people read a similar book with the wording slightly changed to support free will. Then they had everyone take a test on it. The people who read the book supporting determinism were more likely to cheat on their test. So based on that i was saying that i think the world would be a better place still if we all excepted it. Most social psychologists believe in determinism but agree that it could be destructive, so they just let people think they are
  4. "You are saying that a person using free will can become committed to a cycle of addiction (biological or psychological) against their will." I am a determinist...so I am not saying anything about a person using free will... I am saying that people doing potentially destructive things are more prone to if they think they can will their way out of danger. As far as the physics thing, i was going with your analogy and what i thought you meant by it. I didnt make it up, i said "If i understand you correct" . As for the definition of determinism i thought that was an obvious thing. If you we
  5. " Classical physics tells us that M does not move. It's as if the deterministic factors (comparable to F1 and F2) cancel each other out in magnitude/direction and produce a net neutral effect. That is, although M does not move, modern physics tells us M still has energy. Volition, to me, is the potential energy of the mind." I can agree with what you are saying to an extent. If i understand you correct then the "potential energy of the mind" would be thoughts and ideas Caused by external forces (F1 and F2). The only problem is that if they are causing "M" to not move then it is like neithe
  6. "You want people to accept the doctrine of psychological determinism in order to make better choices in life, so we can solve all the problems of the world [such as choosing not to smoke after learning of the addictive nature of smoking]?" I think the world would be a better place if they did. Given enough time and a computer beyond our comprehension I am certain that everyone will believe this. We could stop with our attempts at fixing things and just understand the "program". Once you fully understand the program, there is no trial and error. There is just doing. With math say you have 2x
  7. Firstly, we both agree that we are made up of a very finite and very law driven building blocks. " I would not dispute the fact that the particles which make up the human brain and form the physical basis for human consciousness act deterministically". I agree with that and is a very strong support for my belief. Think of a computer program. Its building blocks (1s and 0s) are very determined, they also apply to the cause and effect. You are bound by those things. You can look at the code of a program and Determine what it WILL do. There is not another option other then THE right one. You can
  8. I have always given a lot of thought into determinism. I have concluded that there is no way around the fact that we are governed by the laws of cause and effect. This isnt a free will/determinism debate. What I am bringing up is the implications it would have if it were considered a fact among everyone in the world. I believe the world would be a better place all around. Once we see the world for what it really is we can begin to fix the problems and prevent new ones from occurring. I see the free will side as trying to use a program with no understanding of what makes up the program. You can
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