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  1. If I am right in my understanding that Objectivism holds morality to be inherent in the external reality around us, and therefore a person is able to interact with the environment and make decisions through the use of reason. The question I have found myself asking is: If a person sets their principles, values and morality through said rationality, would this not lead everyone to the same moral conclusions? If the values and principles a person adopts therefore differ from those of another, is this then explained by the circumstance in which the individual was a part of at the time he or she r
  2. So essentially the thinking involved is that there would be a trickle down effect that improves the general level education, much like how workers wages are said to improve through producer competition in obtaining their labour power. The end result being a higher standard that cannot be achieved through other none competition based systems?
  3. Whilst reading 'Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal', I found that throughout the course of one particular essay, one question kept recurring frequently in my mind. The essay in question is titled 'Common Fallacies About Capitalism' by Nathaniel Branden, sub section 'Concerning Public Education'. Please note that I do not pose this question with the intention of casting a moral (in a mainstream/altruistic sense) judgement upon the answer, I simply wish to gain an understanding of the case he is making. Branden makes an argument in favour of a private market orientated education system free from c
  4. If to identify as a Satanist it requires me to be in agreement with all or the vast majority of what constitutes Satanic philosophy then I would say that I would be a Satanist. However the reason that I stop short and say that I probably approximate it is due to the rather subjective dimension that it has once you get past the foundation. Outside the core text the "Satanic Bible" a person is required to learn the rest through subjective introspection. Although this is intended to allow the personal flexibility which Satanism embraces, it seems to me that such an ambiguous stance is just a way
  5. I am in the process of reading Ayn Rand and her colleague's writings on the Objectivist philosophy therefore I thought it a wise move to seek out an establishment that is inhabited by those who are knowledgeable on the subject. My motive for joining this forum therefore is to hopefully gain a proper understanding of the Objectivist philosophy and the issues it covers through discussion and question with said knowledgeable individuals. My knowledge of Objectivism as it stands currently is rather basic. My first contact with Ayn Rand and her associates was "The Virtue of Selfishness", I am c
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