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    I'm an 18-year-old guy who's going to college in September. I'm very interested in politics, history, philosophy, and just social science in general.
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    I read Atlas Shrugged two years ago, and Ayn Rand completely converted me to laissez-faire capitalism. I also read half of The Fountainhead and I read Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. I plan to read more books by Rand in the future. I'm not sure I'd call myself an objectivist, because I do have some problems grasping some concepts of her philosophy and even some of her political beliefs. I am here to learn more about Objectivism and connect with others with similar beliefs.
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    Northeastern University
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  1. Thanks. Admittedly, I didn't search for the corporations question, but I did search for a few of my other questions and couldn't find any answers. But then what would happen if someone was polluting your property, and you don't have enough money to sue them? Would you simply have to accept that your property has been polluted and that you don't have the money required to sue the aggressor? Or would this scenario not occur in an Objectivist society? You're right. Having lived in a very rich town in the US for all of my life, I admittedly have never come face-to-face with povert
  2. I really appreciate the replies I've been receiving my other threads, the ones about Canada & Australia's responses to the financial crisis and about America's Gilded Age. I just have so many questions though. I figured that it'd be more practical just to make one thread with my questions, rather than many different threads. I really appreciate the answers you all give me; I don't know where else I'd be able to get most of them, except out of Rand's books, which I'm slowly but surely reading. My questions to you are: 1a. It is commonly asserted by Objectivists that in an Objectivist
  3. I'm currently in a debate with someone else, and he was making a lot of arguments that laissez-faire capitalist is a bad economic system and that the Gilded Age in America demonstrates this. He references the monopolies, the economic instability, the Panics of 1873 and 1893, J. P. Morgan's bailout, and income inequality. My main question that I'd love to hear opinions on is why was the economy so unstable back then? In the debate, he referenced this graph (link), and he is right, it was more unstable during the Gilded Age. I also note that there was greater growth, but still, it was less
  4. So, I was debating someone, and he said that Canada and Australia were relatively OK with the financial crisis, compared to the US. He said that the reasons for this are that there were tighter banking laws and enforcement, which kept banks from running up ridiculous liabilities: asset rations that left other countries' banks exposed to the bubble. What would be an Objectivist response to this? I, admittedly, am rather stupid when it comes to some aspects of economics and am baffled as to how to answer this.
  5. Other than my introduction post, this is my first thread on this forum. I've been reading a lot, and I still feel very drawn to the Objectivist philosophy, especially as it relates to politics. However, every now and then, I come across a news story that makes me question how an Objectivism-based government would deal with certain issues, if it would deal with them at all, and what the consequences of that dealing (or lack thereof) would be. The following is one of those stories: Doral school awards dubious diplomas Basically, a private school in Florida put out an ad saying that you can
  6. Hello! My name is Mike, and I'm an 18-year-old currently living in New Jersey, although I am going to college in Massachusetts next year. I consider myself an Objectivist-leaning Libertarian or laissez-faire capitalist. I've had an interest in politics from a young age (although I was a socialist before I first read Ayn Rand two years ago--what can I say? I was young). Anyway, I'm here mostly to connect with others who have similar beliefs, talk about politics and philosophy, and hopefully find answers to a few of my own troubling questions about Objectivism.
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