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  1. America also has a much larger concentration of poor inner cities, where most murder occur, where gun ownership is banned or at least highly restricted; most of the violence in America is drug related and committed by people in poverty in liberal areas.
  2. As everyone agreed to live in the Gulch under the conditions laid down by Midas and Galt, and their was a judge, it was more minarchist than anarchist.
  3. Well who determines if the media is lying? Surely not the ministry of truth!
  4. While I don't know Rands specific stance on being an empiricist I do agree with the examples you quoted and think we may just be splitting hairs. I think the purpose of the article though was more to inform the casually interested of the facts about objectivism rather than to write a citable paper. Yes I was surprised how accurate it really was and how well it explained the philosophy without coming off as self important; a problem many objectivists seem to have sometimes . I think I will use this write up whenever I need to explain objectivism to someone who is not already sympatheti
  5. stumbled across this page and wanted to share that not everyone is an ignorant fool who refuses to learn about the philosophy before they bash it
  6. rdrdrdrd

    What is love?

    The love and hate relationship is very complex; from my current situation I value someone and the way they make me feel so much that i wouldn't hesitate to give nearly anything to ensure it stays protected, even if it meant inconveniences for myself. However while I still completely love this person, their actions do at some points seriously hurt me in ways that no one else could. Hence at some points I resent her, for lack of a better word, stupidity, but that doesn't change how i view her as a whole. Love is not the opposite of hate, they are both opposites of apathy.
  7. rdrdrdrd

    What is love?

    As someone totally and completely in love I can only describe it as the woman/man you love makes you feel complete, like no one else can. You look forward to their presence more than other things and you think about them more than any other single topic. If your not with them (as in relationship) you may feel physically ill, and may become severely depressed. Also more of a male thing, but if someone ever says anything to insult or hurt them, let alone touch them, you can become enraged, almost to the point where you loose control. hope that helps
  8. honestly i think the best way is for people to spread it to their friends and not stop explaining it to them, thats what I do and i have already convinced several people of the benefits of objectivism and they respect it now as opposed to dismissing it
  9. just something to think about as to why objectivism hasn't spread so much: Christianity, self sacrifice, altruism, and religion are all social values entrenched in our culture and media, and proposing a belief system so diametrically opposed to the one many have built their lives on will of course be a slow process
  10. I implied this when I meant it is not just to invade them at the current time, however if they nuke/ will nuke someone it would be justified.
  11. start a new business, hire people
  12. honestly they're pretty brazen recently, threatening to station ships off the gulf of mexico and all that. If they do nuke anyone then they should be obliterated, but until they do we can't justify an invasion or raids into their country.
  13. So as any students of AP history classes will know, a document based question requires you to create an essay based on quotes from several provided documents, I recently wrote an essay on the debates for and against the ratification of the Constitution by the Federalists and Ant-Federalists. Rich D. 10/24/11 APUSH Thomas 5 Document Based Question: The Ratification Of The United States Constitution Both the proponents and opponents of ratification of the United States constitution had a plethora of justifications for their viewpoints. These groups however did not agree on wh
  14. Im very polish, and the best way to deal with the jokes is to be the first to tell them and laugh at them, Ive experienced much more crap from being intelligent and objectivist(openish) than from being polish
  15. hmmm, never thought of that... That is what I am advocating against. If women choose to act this way men should not give in and try to appease them.
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