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  1. Just wondering what everyone else thinks of these two films: The Incredibles and Ratatouille. The Incredibles is one that I often hear promoted as a work of individualism. On the surface, and at the beginning of the movie, I can see why this conclusion might seem justifiable, but anyone who's watched the film from beginning to end would realize this is not the case. Near the beginning of the movie, the main conflict is that the Incredible family's talents are being suppressed by a bureaucratic society. They are not legally permitted to use their superpowers, and Mr Incredible, a former supe
  2. Another member expressed reservations about this line in the chat room, too. I now understand that I phrased it poorly. Although the mind evolved to sustain the body, I believe that we use the body to sustain the mind, because the self is per se the mind. I don't think this is the mind/body dichotomy: a disembodied mind is contextless and impossible, and the mind and body are not in opposition. The body is a tool of the mind. I am my mind and my mind is me, but the same is not true of my body. I am just as much myself if I lose my arm, but not if I lose one of my cognitive faculties. FYI I hav
  3. I'm interested in some feedback on this, my statement of purpose for application to the Objectivist Academic Centre. It's not finished, so the end is not intended to be a conclusion. Tips, pointers, advice, all welcome. Emily Dickinson wrote that "the brain is wider than the sky", referring to its ability to engage the broadest abstraction and the most minuscule concrete. The mechanism of this, the most marvelous machine in the universe, has remained entirely unclear until very recently in human history -- and even now, the veil is only beginning to be lifted. The na
  4. This is a good time in my life. At 20 years old, I'm finally graduating high school and moving on to university, after years of struggling with depression that interfered with my studies. I'm also becoming more interested in Objectivism and applying to study at the Objectivist Academic Centre this summer. That's why I chose the username "Phoenix" -- to symbolize my rebirth from my own self-immolation. I still don't consider myself an Objectivist (don't know enough about the epistemology, have issues with AR's account of concept formation blablabla) but I'm becoming less and less able to tol
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