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  2. I have applied for admission to graduate programs in psychology, seeking to research the cognitive nature of learning. My goal is to study Objectivist epistemlogical principles in the context of learning. Specifically, I want to study the nature of concept formation. My goal is to study the conceptual basis of learning from a cognitive psychology/human development perspective. Last week, I had a series of interviews with many faculty members at a one of the best psych programs in the field for which I have chosen to enter, However, somehow I have been backed into having a final intervi
  3. OMG I'm here. I still can't believe this.

  4. I was not insinuating a problem. I have high self-esteem, as I said, and hold my head high. We are simply debating the philosophical merits of peoples' predispositions towards certain physical characteristics.
  5. The problem with this statement is women are not an object to be conquered. A relationship in which one must be conquered is not a healthy equal relationship. The sharing of values, the recognition by both of you that you have this deep connection should draw both of you together. This mutual understanding causes the development of a relationship to flow naturally. The conquering is not an effort ridden pursuit, the sense of conquering lies in the knowledge that your ego, self-esteem, is of high enough quality to equal the ego of the highest possible women. The satisfaction of conquering
  6. Before beginning this whole discussion, I considered biological elements. Nutrition does effect a person's height. But this effect is insignificant compared to genetic elements. Research shows that nutrition, except in extreme cases, only results in height changes of fractions of inches. A male that is, perhaps a foot shorter than the average human male can perhaps attribute an inch to an inch and a half to this difference. However, a male that is only 6 inches shorter than the average can only attribute, at most, fractions of an inch to this deviation. Now there are emerging ideas in ge
  7. After reading Eiuol's response, I have interesting question for discussion. How does the need or desire to feel safe relate to a woman's self-esteem? I understand Alfa's reasoning, and his points. But, are these desired emotional feelings a resultant of one's sense of self and self-esteem? Can one pass judgement on another's level of self-esteem, on either a man or woman, for expressing the need to seek safety or demonstrate masculinity with another person? Is this a contradiction of man being an end within himself? Does this contradict the principle of sex being a selfish act?
  8. Alright, I am a 28 year old male. I am 5'4", I am pretty short for a guy. I have always been 5'4" since I have been an adult, so its really nothing new. However, a couple of years ago, when I was about 25, I stumbled upon this idea that people actually take note of another person's height. I never realized that height mattered to anyone. I have pretty high self-esteem, and I think of myself as pretty intelligent. Growing up, even before finding objectivism, I always thought man's greatest asset was his mind. I never gave any thought to physical size (except for acknowledging that I was
  9. looks good. When I first read your post title, I thought you were going a slightly different direction with this. I think it might be interesting to explore in more detail how philosophy is applied to specific work related tasks and everyday situations. For example, I am a teacher. I use applied philosophy when I choose what and how to teach in a given lesson. My philosophy affects how I approach and handle my students in different situations. As a science teacher, I frequently read about the philosophy of education and the philosophy of science, and I apply rational concepts from the
  10. The real issue here is that there has to be the added protection so that parents can parent. I am not a parent myself, so I cannot speak personally on this, but parents should be actively involved in their childs life, and know what there child is doing. There should not have to be some control to prevent kids from gaming, parents should be capable of this. What good is blocking a game from a kid, if the parent is not around, or not involved, to ensure some sort of other meaning full acctivity ensues? Like you mentioned, the child will either get around the block, or the kid will be left t
  11. If a man is wrongfully convicted of a crime that he did not commit and later found innocent, is he entitled to restitution for his suffering? Who is responsible for paying this restitution? If a man is jailed and awaits trial for a lengthy period of time before being found innocent, is he entitled to restitution for his suffering? The accused frequently wait months to somtimes years before a conviction is rendered. Regardless of time, the consequences of being tried for a crime in which you are innocent are far reaching and go beyond the short lived time spent in jail; loss of job, incom
  12. In my opinion, as someone began learning about objectivism in a similiar manner that you are, is get some basic principles down; then, if you really want to understand objectivism, focus on metaphysics and epistemology. Objectivism is built on these 2 areas of philosophy and everything else stems from them. O-Epistemology goes into evaluating arguments and making logical assertions. personally, I really liked peikoff's "the philosophy of Ayn Rand for learning about metaphysics and going deeper into epistemology. I know others have critiscized it elsewhere in the forums, but I found it u
  13. You need to go to the root of O ethics. O ethics isn't based on "thou shall nots..." , its not a list of rules. It is based on the value of man's own life. Self sacrifice and hurting others are contradictory to valuing a man's own life. The act of knowingly, blatently contradicting or the act of blatently refusing to think and consider ones actions is wrong, and probably evil. The valuing of man's own life must be the basis from which to judge morality. Altruism is the devaluation of an individuals own life. The choice to practice altruism or the practice of altruism out of chosen ig
  14. You are missing the idea that knowledge is conceptual and definitions are contextual. Your reasoning is good though. All knowledge is conceptual (stored in the brain as concepts). So if you are trying to define the word pen, you have a concept of what a pen is. You can name numerous examples and characteristics of pens: used for writing, contain ink, felt pen. quill pen, and so on. All these connected ideas relating to pens are contained within your conceptual understanding of a pen. This is not subjective. When you attempt to turn this concept into a verbal deffinition, there is a b
  15. Just to piggy back on others. Psychology is a diverse field with several different disciplines. In general, psychology typically observes human behavior and then works backwards to tie these observations to our understanding of the human species. Conversely, neuroscience examines biological processes and ties these to resultant human behaviors. There is still a disconnect between psychology and neuroscience, but both fields have made strides in furthering our understanding of human cognition and behavior. Ayn Rand was very critical of behavioral psychology, and rightfully so. This is j
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