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  1. "Now you've changed your position. Your earlier statement was that my painting's anatomy "is lacking where the photograph lacks" -- you were asserting that the photograph that you allege that I copied had somehow inaccurately recorded human anatomy, and that I, not having your expertise in anatomy, failed to recognize these errors that reality had perpetrated, and therefore foolishly copied them!" No, that's not what I meant. I didn't express myself well. What I meant was that there were probably areas in the photograph of the nude you were working from that were unclear or did not give you
  2. "Are you now trying to pose as an authority on photography? If so, why is it that you're not aware of the fact that photography is no less sensitive to color and value than the human eye? Why don't you know that photography can present a wider range of color and value than painting can?" I don't think one needs to be an authority on photography to be aware of the differences between how the eyes take in visual information and how a camera records it. I'm sure most people have had the experience of being moved by a particular scene, only to be disappointed at photographs taken of it. The hum
  3. "Avila, does Larson become as enraged as you do about others' differing tastes and responses to art?" He has no time for Jackson Pollock, I can tell you that, or any other of his kind. As for rage, well, he's a mellow guy. Within the broad category of art, we all have differing tastes and responses. Rubens, for example, has no appeal for me, or El Greco. Yet they are great artists who produced great work, and the same principles of order, workmanship, and intelligibility are in play, regardless of subject or style. The stuff that Pollock and his kind produce is simply unrelated to those
  4. "I didn't say that realism was dead. In fact, I said " I see a lot of contemporary realism that earns attention, respect, fame and money." What I said was that Classical Realism is dead." Define "classical realism" -- how does it differ from realism? Be concise... "So, your theory is that every work of modern art is nothing but an attempt to "shock" people?" No, most of it is simply tired and mediocre. The stuff that makes the news is designed to shock, and it serves to "rally the troops" -- apologists for modernism can pretend to stand firm against the evil puritanical forces that t
  5. "I can understand the concerns of the opponents of the Classical Realists. Classical Realism is dead. It's formulaic, and it's rarely anything new, either in style, composition or content. More often than not, it's basically repainting what's been painted thousands and thousands of times before." Far from being dead, realism is alive and well and thriving -- it's modernism that has nothing left to say. It's left to simply try to shock, which is increasingly difficult in this dead age. Nor does any of your work represent anything that hasn't "been painted thousands and thousands of times
  6. I can only spare the time to answer this in bits and pieces, so be patient. "I just think that you have an exaggerated appraisal of what that experience adds up to. You imagine that you're an authority." What's the exagerration? I have been a painter all of my life, and have taught for many years as well. The latter experience has provided me with insight into the role of natural talent, the role of proper instruction, etc. Yes, I do think of myself as an authority. Likewise, if someone I knew worked as a marine biologist all of his life, I'd expect him to be an authority on the subject.
  7. "(what's the old saying? "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach"?)." Many great artists of the past (Michelangelo, Jacques Louis David, etc.) taught students, first via the apprenticeship system and then by the atelier system. The atelier system still survives, by the way, and I would recommend it to you. You would improve your work immensely.
  8. "That's what I thought. Your position is that you have no proof that four-year olds can create the equivalent of a Pollock, but that you should be taken as an authority because you assert, also without any proof, that you have "considerable experience." Well, that's the Internet for you -- one can assert just about anything, and obviously there's no way to "prove" the truth of it. I can't "make" you believe what I'm saying, and if you want to believe that I'm just making up my experience, you go ahead. But there's no point in discussing anything with anyone who won't grant you the willingne
  9. "Show me proof. Show me video footage of four-year-olds achieving the graphic rhythm of a Pollock." I've never assigned any such project, so no video exists. My assertion is based on my considerable experience with teaching kids and adults, and their abilities -- granted, a variety of natural abilities exist, but if given a bit of guidance, I have no doubt that anyone could paint a Pollock. "Here's one example. He failed miserably in his attempt to show that "anyone can Pollock." So this guy is an Objectivist artist? Where does it state that? Anyway, I wouldn't say that he "failed mis
  10. "A four-year-old could not paint a Pollock." I've taught art from the fourth grade level to adults. I assure you, anyone can paint a Pollock. "I've seen adult Objectivist artists who can't paint a Pollock." Any names? I only know of one self-styled "Objectivist artist", and he hasn't tried to paint a Pollock. "No, I think that if you believe that your own personal lack of response to one art form or another is the standard of objectivity and of psychological health, then you're the one who has "drunk the Kool-Aid." I don't claim that my "personal lack of response" is the standar
  11. "If other, more "modern" artists have chosen to abstract different aspects of reality for similar consideration, such as line, shape, and color, do I have any good reason for dismissing that out of hand?" Well, here's one: if a four-year old can do it, it isn't in the same category as what was, for centuries, considered a demanding profession that required prodigious quantities of natural talent and ability, plus long and disciplined training. A four-year old could paint a Jackson Pollock, but only Velasquez could paint a Velasquez. If you look at a Velasquez and a Jackson Pollock and see
  12. "Usually it's about badmouthing another person or group, i.e. gossip. Every single thing they say is a bromide. I cringe on the inside when I hear stuff like 'you should lie all the time to women to keep them with you'." The term "small talk" usually means chatting about trivial items such as the weather, sports teams, and the like. What you're describing is gossip, which is entirely different matter -- it can be destructive and should not be engaged in, especially in the work place. Keeping oneself out of gossipy conversations is a real plus, and something that can actually advance your po
  13. "my mind about them is made up - my moral judgment of them is complete - I know exactly what they're thinking and how they're going to deal with (if at all) the problems that will come about, I know their relationship to reality (and how poor it is) - and yes, that applies to almost all of my relatives" Omniscient, eh? I didn't know mere humans had such infallible abilities.... I would agree with much of what Chris S. had to say. You asked if you should learn how to make small talk to enhance work relationships, and I would say yes -- think of small talk as a kind of social "grease" (and
  14. "Muslims "adjust" their religion the same way Christians do: by compromising religious tenets when they don't suit their non-religious values." I was referring to orthodox, observant Christians and Muslims (meaning, those that follow the tenets of their religious faith) who do not compromise their religious tenets. "That's the "self-correcting mechanism" in Christianity." No, what you describe is the effect of secularization on some Christians. "The Bible doesn't really allow for sex before marriage, for gay Christians, for divorce, or for any kind of tolerance of those things. Chr
  15. "So someone wants to make an Islamic bank in Hungary and we automatically qualify as a nation with Sharia even though the bank doesn't even exist yet." You just go on believing that there's nothing wrong, nothing to worry about, nothing to see here.....long may it last for you.
  16. "I remember that Muslims controlled one third of my country for 150 years. Despite that there's no Sharia in Hungary today." Not true: http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/sharia-creeps-into-hungary/ "I also remember that Christians did their own 'Jihads' a few hundred years before the pirates came." Here we go again with the usual Crusades and Inquisition myths. Here's some correctives from a historian: http://www.ignatiusinsight.com/features2005/print2005/tmadden_crusades_print.html http://old.nationalreview.com/comment/madden200406181026.asp "Look, if Christianity co
  17. "The government reports on events accurately all the time." Ummmmm, you're joking, right??
  18. "I feel that US intervention in the Middle East has only brought more fuel to the fire of Islamism." Islam has a problem with the West, US intervention or not. They were first on our radar in the early days of this country -- the Barbary pirates, remember? That was long before the US was a major colonizing, intervening force anywhere. And as you might have noticed, Islam is busily waging jihad in countries with no interventionist policies to give them a fig leaf. The idea that you can retreat from the cesspool of the Middle East and the jihadists will go away and leave us alone is dangerous
  19. "Why you are comparing Imperial Japan to Islamist groups is beyond me, however." And it's beyond me to comprehend why you can't see the similarities: both cultures (Islam, Imperial Japan) glorify/glorified suicide, both as an instrument of war and as an honorable act, and who then conduct/conducted war accordingly. The possibility or even likelihood of death, either as an individual or as a culture, is/was of no deterrence. "This is a pretty strong claim. I have not seen evidence that Iranian government wishes to see it's own destruction. If you have any please feel free to provide it."
  20. "No more risky than the USSR situation, in which case they could have obliterated our country even if we retaliated, instead of making a dead zone out of a single city (if they are lucky, and if they have a death wish for their own country)." The situation with the USSR was entirely different, and would also be different with other major players today such as, say, the Chinese: Islamists are fond of saying that they love death more than the West loves life. Their use of suicide bombers is evidence that they really mean what they say -- their idealogy glorifies suicide. The historical analog
  21. "Proxy attacks were a specialty of the CIA and now were are blaming the Arabs for becoming copycats." Ah, the loathesome doctrine of moral equivalence...
  22. Mikee, Thanks for the quotes. However, I believe that Kant's affect on modernist aesthetics is simply given too much weight, regardless of what those quotes assert. It might be true that in academic circles his views may have shaped some intellectuals in his day, but the ascent of modern art (speaking here only of the visual arts)on the purely practical level -- what painters actaully produce -- has far more to do with the prevailing attitudes of the late Impressionist painters on the "academic" approach to painting; the subsequent destruction of teaching methods; and the rise of the art cr
  23. "the problem is that as i work with these groups more and more it has become clear that they spend the bulk for their money not on finding ways to make better products or more competitive prices. it is spent primarily on marketing." "By marketing i dont just mean product placement and billboards. they employ psychologists to show them how to position products to be subconsciously attractive to clients they use this to base their colors, shapes, words, and even ingredients." If these companies found that making better products made them more money, then they would make better products.
  24. "We recognize how the mystic principles of Christianity and other religions have directly influenced our policies of altruism and collectivism in the economic sense." I just now noticed this beginning sentence in the first thread, and want to examine this a bit more closely, as I don't think it's a valid premise. I suspect that altruistic principles (the concept of a "common good"; the attribution of heroism to those who sacrifice themselves to it; etc.) are not so much the result of the influence of religion as they are basic survival methods which were then adopted by various religions an
  25. "Daniel, the US offers Israel rewards for acting a certain way. This is a tool of diplomacy, and using it is not a violation of sovereignty." I agree. "I don't believe Iran will detonate a nuclear device." That is a seriously risky belief. I definitely believe that they will, because of their adherence to Islam. Death, individually or en masse, is no deterrence at all.
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