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  1. I don't want to start anything like rumors or gossip but There are many branches in Objectivism and I would have like to know what is going on right now. I think that the reaon why people left the ARI (or were thrown out of it) was because of diferences in personnality, but I would like to know a little bit more about it.
  2. I was wondering if it would be a big deal to talk about the many factions whithin the Objectist philosophy or if we could sort it out for those, like me who don't really know what's going in on.
  3. My good point was about that catholic guy that was there some time ago, but since he seems to have left, I will wait for another trend on the subject to be created to talk about it... or I should create one myself... good idea BurgessLau.
  4. What about those who sleep because they like to sleep ? I enjoy sleeping 10-12 hours once in a while. And it is espacially good when you have a nice and confortable bed. As for taking substances to stay awake, it can be good once or twice but I will remind you that the famous french Writter Honore de Balzac was sleeping 4 hours per night and working 20 (and working hard according to the studies and research I made) and he died at 50, all burnt inside because of the coffee. Maybe he would have produce even more wrk by staying alive for 30 more years but by sleeping 6 hours a day.
  5. Oh ! is this topic done ? I wanted to continue the conversation, I have a good point to make but if nobody is here I won't bother... answer me who ever can hear me !
  6. I will be greatfull if you come experience the province of Quebec in Canada. After paying 53 % in income tax in order to provide a reasonnable income to people who don't feel to work, I think you will considere staying in the United-States.
  7. lucien

    Victor Hugo

    I agree with that. And I will add to that what is great with Victor Hugo is the fact that he potrais man as a hero that can accomplish anything. And because he does it mainly by using his writting style and abilities, I can understand that a translation of one of his novel is less appealing.
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