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  1. I didn't used to, b/c I never understood why it became national news. However, my hatred for Scott Peterson grew pretty intense, and I became very interested in the case.
  2. Zoso

    Birth out of wedlock

    Well, it sorta bother me too...but not because of any religious values. I would just prefer my child to be born after we have already made our commitment public.
  3. It was cancelled b/c of the Scott Peterson case. Maybe he'll be on again in the future some time.
  4. In this case, we are assuming that the guy is actually guilty.
  5. I just had a false pregnancy scare with my girlfriend. We would have been alright if she had actually been pregnant, but we were worried because of the social stigma placed on children conceived out of wedlock. We are planning to be married, though we aren't officially engaged, and this would have caused us to get married considerably earlier than we had planned. What are your views on the social stigma placed on unmarried parents?
  6. Thanks for the compliments and the suggestions. I realize that I've got some rewriting to do, but, for now, I just need to lay out the framework and worry about polishing it up later.
  7. What is this sense of humor, of which you speak? This does not compute.
  8. Well, I plan on talking specifically about them because of name recognition, but it's not all I'm going to do. I have designed a survey that I'd like to give to people at various denominations, that's meant to discern their ideas on the role of religion in the government. In this way, I can see to what extent the Christian population, at large, holds fascist views regarding church and state, and it will also allow me to differentiate between the different denominations.
  9. I don't think it's fair to call myself an Objectivist, but whenever someone asks me what my politics or philosophy are, I refer them to Ayn Rand. While I can't actually call myself an Objectivist, I believe that I can fairly claim Objectivism as my philosophy and world-view. The main reason that I am not yet ready to call myself an Objectivist is because I don't understand all of it...but I'm working on it, and that's the main reason I started posting on this website.
  10. I respect O'Reilly. He's a real American success story, and he achieved the success by himself. Yeah, he had a kinda tabloid-news past, but he was just doing what he could to get started. I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but I actually agree with most of it. The main issue where I disagree with him is separation of church and state.
  11. I can't wait to see Phantom of the Opera...although I'm afraid it won't be very good. I hope they haven't taken the mystery of the Phantom away.
  12. lol, games like that can be fun though As long as you don't plan to emulate it, it's kind of fun to be able to do things you know are bad, to a bunch of computer characters.
  13. Well, I wasn't really planning to do another biographical chapter, if that's what you're wanting. The next one that I'm planning to write was going to be an assault on Christian fascists, like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. However, as I said, it may be a rather long time before I get around to writing any more...grad school is just keeping me too busy. The first chapter was easy to write, b/c all the information was stored in my brain. The others that I want to write will all have to involve quite a bit of research.
  14. Yeah, I know who he was...I just had never heard that word before. It'll be a while before I get any others done, if ever. School takes up too much of my time, at present.
  15. I love the music too. Wasn't One Winged Angel actually written by Haydn? I remember hearing that somewhere. The music in FFVI is really good too.
  16. You must be from Canada, eh? :-) I'm probably the only person on here who actually likes Bill O'Reilly.
  17. But it still irks me a little bit, because it's almost as if they're suggesting that Earth has its own volition. I agree that, if Earth were a volitional being, it would be wrong to use its resources. But, the fact is that planets are not alive...it almost seems like they were arguing for it.
  18. Hmm...it's been a while since I've played it, but these are some good points. I think I'll start up a new game, at some point during my break. I'd like to play FFX again, but it's so damn long...just don't know if I have the time. FFVII is tied with FFVI as my all-time favorite game. Although, I don't really think FFVI has much philosophy behind it. Well...maybe...it has an element of discovering your true self (Terra), but that isn't necessarily individualist in nature. Buddhists have the same idea...but you don't wanna get me started on Buddhism.
  19. I agree with everything you said, but this is just the first chapter of an entire book that I'd like to write. As I said, it is mostly biographical in nature and I plan to discuss organized Christianity, as a whole, later in the book. Whether or not I ever actually finish this project, God only knows (lol), but those are all issues that I plan to address later. And, yeah, I know my education is a problem...that's why I do a lot of reading in my spare time, so I'm working on it. What is a Thomist, by the way?
  20. Zoso


    Okay, needless to say, I have thousands of MP3s on my computer. Is there anything morally wrong with file sharing?
  21. So, is it immoral? If I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a certain man has killed my wife, but he is acquitted on a technicality, is it morally wrong for me to hunt him down and kill him? I'm not being confrontational; I'm asking a serious question about the Objectivist stance on this issue.
  22. Well, with the essay, I'm not really trying to argue against Christianity. I'm arguing against the organized Christian church and Christians, themselves. I'm not educated enough in history, science, or philosophy to write a good essay arguing against Christianity. However, my personal experiences make me able to argue against the Christian church.
  23. I'd like to add that I think Diablo II is a very pro-Objectivist game. It's all about heroism, and one person's struggle against despots bent on destroying the world of man.
  24. The thing about Chrono Trigger that caught my eye was the struggle between the Earthbound and Enlightened. Plus, the theme is a very obvious biblical allegory. I could launch into a full explanation if prompted. I agree that the corporation in FF7 really was evil and I have no problem with that...it's just the whole environmental stuff that gets me. I only played through FF10 once...explain the philosophy that you think lies behind it.
  25. I agree, and I don't plan to stop playing the games. Have you noticed that with any games though?
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