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  1. You have the right to let them smoke, or not smoke, on your property, just as the government has the right to stop them smoking on its (public) land, e.g. roads parks etc.
  2. I personally like the idea of "prison labour". I even agree with the leasing to private corporations, for labour purposes. For those who have violated someone's rights, they have no rights themselves. On another note I disagree with the death penalty. Someone is useless dead, but alive...
  3. I have always thought slavery to be a fantastic punishment. Criminals thus are forced to work to regain there freedom.
  4. I personally have always seen prisoners as a burden to society. They eat sleep and live for nothing. We pay for them. Is this fair? Would not a better solution be some kind of forced labour? Something in manufacturing, or road building, etc.? Why not, instead of a sentence, impose a "bill", which the criminal must pay of before being released. With the right calculations this could mean they were incarcerated for the correct period of time, and were being beneficial to society. You could even go so far as to allow them to be treated as a "resource" for hire by corporations in need of menial la
  5. Just adding something in here, NZ has to be anti-nuclear for a reason. Look at the recent earthquake. No toxic fallout. Now look at Japan. Get the picture?
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