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  1. Thank you so much AMERICONORMAN, and Ed from OC, its great to read something logical and rational to counteract what I am feeling. I am going to print off what you said, just so I can briefly skim through from time to time. Thank you so so so much.
  2. Okay heres the deal. I am now single after having a some-what rocky relationship for around 18 months and I have been with a few girls since and am generally trying to move on. However recently I found out that my ex has been with someone and me being my stupid insecure self am feeling the most intense horrible feeling of jealousy ever. I feel very inadequate even though we are no longer together as a result of a mutual break up. I'm sure this is a fairly normal feeling, to feel jealous about an ex lover with someone else however it is just tearing me up inside whenever I think about the two of them kissing or whatever. I worry that she may be thinking how much better looking this guy is, or how he's got such a better body than me. I know I sound selfish, I've been with people so why can't she, but the truth is I just find it very hard to deal with and I just want to fix it. Thank you to anyone who replys to this, I will be forever grateful. ~Dave
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