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  1. I love some of Daft Punks later music. Especially the soundtrack to TRON. They have created a veritable symphony orchestra from a decisive, adept, acoustic perceptiveness of each individual synthetic sound and how it flows and fits together as a unit. The tone of the songs in this album tend not to be as ascendant as I would like, but they each bear their own, nuanced and personal emotion that makes the album worth listening to for both their aforementioned skill and the journey through an evident variance of timbres.
  2. I like the vocalists singing style, but the band's lyrics have a tendency to be vague. Many of songs are very straightforward, but some are lyricized in the manner of someone trying to conceal a hidden moral or commentary through verbosity. Their beats I'm quite fond of. They are as you said, happy and upbeat, but I moreso enjoy the fact that they are focused, melodious and expressive, rather than the mindless, hysteric scrambles of sounds of some of their companions in genre.
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